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We design and manufacture OEM and standard solutions for various automotive applications. Besides current probes for non-intrusive current measurement with analog output signals, we also design solutions with digital and wireless signal processing (RF, Bluetooth, USB), as well as test and calibration systems for onsite use (degauss, calibration, etc.)

Key Product Characteristics

  • Patented magnetic circuits providing high external field rejection enabling accurate measurements of low currents
  • Range covering from 10A to 2000A with 4 different jaw apertures
  • Ruggedised custom designs for use in end of line test applications
  • ECU (Electrionical Control Unit) Sleep Mode Detection
  • Superior stability over time and temperature
  • 1 mA resolution with wide dynamic current range

Typical Application Areas

  • ECOS (Electrical Check Out Systems)
  • Current Profiling and Leakage Current
  • Measurement for Diagnostics
  • Cranking Current Measurement
  • Ignition coil and Injector Current
  • Measurements
  • Hybrid car diagnostics

Customised solutions

Our key focus is to design, develop and manufacture current probes, clamp meters, handheld instruments, and systems for current and voltage measurement, as well as measurement and processing of electrical parameters.

Memberships and Accreditations


The quality of our products is assured globally by external certification acccording to the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality management system standard.


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