Energy Management - Your solution for Energy Management and Power Quality

We design and manufacture customized and standard solutions for Energy Management, Power Quality, and other relevant Industrial and Utility applications. A range of high-performance AC only flexible current probes, utilizing Rogowski technology, for use with multimeters, oscilloscopes, and other recording instruments. Our main focus is the customization of transducer heads and probes for interfacing with customer’s equipment.

Key Product Characteristics

  • Easy to insert probe in confined spaces
  • Wide dynamic range and wide bandwidth 1000V, CAT III, Pollution degree 2
  • 2000 hours battery life and external power option
  • No magnetic hysteresis, saturation or non-linearity
  • Excellent response to rapid current range

Typical Application Areas

  • Electrical maintenance, repair and machine installation
  • Analysis of current distribution in mains networks
  • Analysis of harmonics, power measurements, measurement of peak loads in mains and UPS.
  • High current testing of switchgear and fuses
  • Measurement of starting transients of electric motors

Memberships and Accreditations


The quality of our products is assured globally by external certification acccording to the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality management system standard.


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