METSyS NEC 220 Current Logger

The METSyS NEC 220 Current Logger is a 4 phase current datalogger. The small flexible Rogowski coil current sensors allow for quick and easy connection to circuits to be monitored whilst its internal rechargeable battery allows for 100 hours of logging on a single charge making it ideal for short term connected load studies such as compliance with NFPA’s National Electrical Code (NEC) 2014 Article 220.87 and meeting the requirements for uniform load calculations in accordance with the requirements of the California Electrical Code (CEC).

For applications where longer-term measurements are required the METSyS NEC 220 Current Logger can be powered via the supplied mains powered adaptor.

The logged data may be accessed through an iOS / Android app or by using a USB Flash Drive. The data is stored in a comma-separated values (CSV) file format. Data analysis is simplified by using the supplied report generator or a spreadsheet.

The free iOS or Android app communicates with the METSyS NEC 220 Current Logger via Bluetooth and enables easy logger set up, viewing of live data, remote control of logger functions, and the option for emailing the logged data file.

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