Test and Measurement

CP 41

Easy handling for end users

CP 35

For use with oscilloscopes

CP 30

For use with multimeteres

AC/DC Transducer

ACP 3005/24


ACP 2005/2


We design and manufacture a range of high-performance AC and AC/DC current probes and clamp meters for use with multimeters, oscilloscopes, and other recording instruments. Using Rogowski and advanced Hall-Effect technologies with a patented magnetic circuit we provide a range of customized and standard distribution products. All probes give an analog output directly proportional to the measurement current, which is compatible with a wide range of measuring instruments. A variety of our products (e.g our METRAFLEX range) you will find on GMC-I Messtechnik. We also private label products to manufactures of instruments.

Key Product Characteristics:

  • AC/DC low current measurement down to mAmps
  • Excellent Accuracy with 1mA resolution DC Auto Zero and Auto Power Off
  • Compact lightweight and flexible Rogowski Probes
  • Wide bandwidth / low phase shift for powerand harmonic measurement
  • Superior noise rejection for power electronics applications

Typical application areas:

  • Industrial and residential electrical installation testing
  • Leakage current measurements
  • Process control (4-20mA current loop verification
  • UPS and Battery charging systems
  • Analysis of switching waveforms in inverters, switch mode power supplies and industrial controls
  • Automotive applications eg. Leakage current measurement on car battery lead, detection of ECU sleep mode and current profiling, all requiring high accuracy and superior resolution

Memberships and Accreditations


The quality of our products is assured globally by external certification acccording to the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality management system standard.