AC/DC Current Probes and True RMS Clamp Meters

CP 1010

The CP 1010 current clamp meter has been designed for reliable and accurate, non-intrusive measurement of AC, DC and complex waveform currents. Using advanced Hall Effect technology the CP 1010 can measure currents accurately from 100mA to 400A.

Measurement features include:

  • True RMS reading
  • 1mA/ 10mA Resolution
  • Autorangin/ Autozeroing/Auto Power Off
  • Data Hold

These features make it a powerful tool for use with inverters, switch mode power supplies, industrial controllers and other applications requiring current measurement.

Part No. Current Range Max. Conductor Bandwidth Output Signal Connector Power Supply
P-12.601.0 100/1000 A 32 mm Ø DC / 15-400 Hz Display Battery

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